Body Love


Being at war with your body can be extremely draining, potentially dangerous, and simply exhausting. Trust me. I’ve been there. Not participating in life because of how you feel about your body can have all sorts of repercussions. Canceled events, no intimacy with your partner, and missed relationship opportunities to name a few. More importantly, everyone else is missing out on the real you. Well I’m here to change that just for you! As a body image coach, I work with and support women to:

  • Devise strategies to deal with and manage negative self-talk

  • Establish a healthier relationship to both food and exercise, in a way that works solely for you and your body

  • Create and practice healthier coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety, problems and insecurities that don’t involve destroying your body

  • Work on building your confidence, so you no longer put your life on hold because of your body

  • Work on building your self-esteem, body image, and self-worth in a way that has nothing to do with your body




Why you are here

who you are

  • You want to learn how to overcome negative self-talk

  • You want to eat and exercise with total freedom

  • You want to embrace and feel confident in your body

  • You want to get your life back and redirect your energy to things that actually matter to you

You are here to make peace with your body so you can start living your life from the inside out:

  • You're ready to unleash the beautiful, vibrant, free, radiant, confident, and worthy young woman that exists underneath all that self and body loathing

  • You're committed to doing the inner work to transform the relationship you have with your body from its complicated TO best freaking relationship ever!

If you find yourself reading this, I know you may well be feeling overwhelmed.



What you can expect

Working with me and how I will support you

  • Identifying and learning how to manage negative self-talk so it doesn't stop you from living your life

  • Establishing a healthier and more intuitive relationship to both food and exercise

  • Seeing yourself as worthy, confident and successful based on who you are as a whole, not just your body

  • Learning alternative coping mechanisms to deal with insecurities that don't destroy the body

  • Breaking free of comparisons, unrealistic societal expectations, and detaching from external validation

  • Owning who you are with total confidence and go for every opportunity without wondering if you are enough

  • Identifying and removing the toxic influences that are keeping you from embracing the skin that you’re in

I’d love to hear your story, and if we both feel like we’re supposed to be on this journey together, I would be honoured to be your coach!

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