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Empowering women to unashamedly take back their freedom, one body image at a time.


Brittany Baxter

professional bio

As a certified body image coach, Brittany applies her deep insights from lived experience, along with her psychology background to empower her clients. Her ability to relate to the realities of paralysing body issues, and her recovery from a crippling eating disorder places her as a go-to authority on being comfortable in your own skin.

Brittany is committed to helping women rediscover their true worth, trust themselves, and know that they are enough. Through her work with clients, she is deeply committed to staying in recovery. Working with and supporting women develop healthier relationships with and confidence in their bodies is at the core of everything she does.

Through her own experience, she is determined to help women let go, make peace with their bodies, and live their lives unrestricted. To take back a sense of freedom that has been so foreign.


My Journey

How i got here

Possibly like many of you that find yourself reading this, most of my internalised beliefs and negative self-image were born from traumatic childhood events. The result was a radical distortion of my perception about what was acceptable and how I should look as a female.

Not equipped to deal with my inner emotional turmoil, the manifestations of my internal beliefs began to unravel. From the innocence of seven, I began to restrict my eating, a failed bid to regain some control over my environment. This attempt to be in charge rapidly spiralled out of control.

By thirteen, my impressionable young mind was all set to enter the height of body consciousness. The modelling world. My short-lived career was soon grounded by the comments of another aspiring model.

Further body changes at sixteen led to binging, weight gain, and stretch marks. I had it all. My additional weight was compounded by cruel remarks from strangers and partners alike. Now at the peak of my body hatred, I found myself entering the depths of an eating disorder for the next seven years.

Through obsession and anxiety fuelled choices, I lost many years of my life. I have far greater aspirations for yours.

Your story can have a happy ending.